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John Mahon Arts Administrators’ Sabbatical Fund - Program Under Review

Administrators form an integral part of the arts infrastructure of Edmonton. The work behind the scenes, and the expertise required for all aspects of arts management, is often under-recognized. The individuals who specialize in this field are a critical piece of a sustainable arts ecosystem and many Edmonton region arts organizations do not have the capacity to support extended periods of renewal and professional development for their senior staff.

John Mahon was the Executive Director of the Edmonton Arts Council for 15 years until his retirement in 2013. This fund and program recognizes his contributions to the Edmonton arts community by providing the opportunity for local arts administrators to undertake sabbatical leave projects. Their continued contributions to the organizations they manage will enhance the stability and sustainability of Edmonton’s arts community.

Applications are currently not being accepted for this program while it is under review.


The John Mahon sabbatical fund will offer two awards of up to $25,000 each to two Edmonton region arts organizations per year. The awards must be used by the organization to hire qualified, short-term replacement staff to allow an identified staff person to take a paid sabbatical leave. 


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