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Invent & Adapt 


Through the Invent & Adapt program, the Edmonton Arts Council (EAC) will invest in organizations that are preparing, planning, and implementing thoughtful and considered change.


Invent & Adapt might support a wide range of work that is centered on reimagining and retooling an organization's future, and/or addressing the needs of Edmonton's various arts network and disciplinary capacities. This may take the form of technical assistance and planning, the re-imagining of systems, programs, and practices, the implementation of well-planned strategies around growth or contraction, the management of transitions and successions, or to respectfully bring an organization to a close.

Invent & Adapt specifically provides a path for the EAC to support and participate in focused development of organizational capacities which support the needs of a dynamic arts ecology and a changing city. 


Organizations may request up to $30,000, no more than once annually.

Extended projects may be supported by multiple Invent & Adapt investments in subsequent years.

The EAC may also contribute in-kind to Invent & Adapt projects via staff expertise or services.


Eligible initiatives must be:

  • relevant to the applicant organization's mandates, goals and aspirations, or;
  • relevant to addressing the needs of Edmonton's various arts networks and disciplinary capacities,
  • based on thoughtful and considered changes including (but not limited to):

    • development of new plans, strategies, or processes
    • implementation of new technology
    • managing transitions and successions
    • developing and structuring partnerships
    • organizational closure

  • time specific, with a defined start and end date.


Potential applicants are encouraged to discuss Invent & Adapt projects with Edmonton Arts Council staff. The goal of those discussions will be to understand and guide a potential formal application. 

Applicant organizations will provide brief responses to questions in the EAC's Online Portal: eac.smartsimple.ca. Accommodations will be provided if there are barriers to access. 

The organization's profile in the EAC's Online Portal must be up-to-date, and that information will be relevant to the assessment of potential projects.


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