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Festival Operating Grant


The purpose of this program is to provide limited operating assistance to established non-profit organizations for the purpose of producing festival events in Edmonton.


With Connections & Exchanges: A 10-Year Plan To Transform Arts and Heritage In Edmonton being passed by Edmonton City Council last October, the Edmonton Arts Council is on its way to implementing the ambitions, aims, and actions it lays out. Connections & Exchanges presents an opportunity for the EAC to create new mechanisms and programs that will support creating a thriving cultural ecosystem for our artists, and arts, festival, and heritage organizations.
As a result, one of the changes the EAC is going to make is to the complement of granting programs. It’s been nearly 20 years since we saw any real change to these programs, and they need to be refreshed to ensure they are meeting the needs of Edmonton’s growing and thriving arts and culture sector.
The EAC will be engaging grant recipients to learn more about what needs to change to ensure granting programs serve and support Edmonton’s artistic sector. The intent is to begin implementing these new changes for the 2021 granting year.

In recognition of this process, the granting process will be simplified for the 2020 funding cycles. This means adjusting some of the deadlines and implementing a significantly streamlined granting process.

More information will be coming in September 2019.

Contact EAC Grants staff at grants@edmontonarts.ca / 780.424.2787 for more information.



Only current recipients of the Festival Operating Grant may apply through to this stream in 2020.

Organizations that are making their first application to the Edmonton Arts Council for festival grant funding are advised to apply to the CIP Festival Seed grant program. Contact EAC Grants staff at grants@edmontonarts.ca / 780.424.2787 for more information. 

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