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Arts Operating Grant

Application deadline: December 1

When this date fall on a weekend or holiday, the deadline moves to the next business day.


The purpose of this program is to provide limited operating assistance to arts organizations to enhance their ability to produce and perform artistic works for the benefit of all Edmontonians.

Apply using our online system eacawards.fluidreview.com



To be eligible for an Arts Operating Community Investment Grant, an organization must be a non-profit society that has been registered as a non-profit society for at least one year. The primary activities of the organization must be in the arts and must take place within the corporate limits of the City of Edmonton.

Additionally, applicants should be advised that the grants are not intended to support organizations that are primarily training or educational institutions, or that are affiliated with such institutions.

Organizations in arrears with the City of Edmonton at the date of application, or who have outstanding final reports, are not eligible for funding through the Community Investment Program.

Application Process

There are two online application forms for the Arts Operating grant program, corresponding to the Professional stream and Community stream of the program. 

Apply using our online system eacawards.fluidreview.com

If you have any questions, concerns, or are experiencing problems with the online grant application system, please contact EAC Grants Staff or call 780-424-2787. 

Professional Stream
Organizations in the Professional Stream of the CIP Arts Operating Grant program must register or be registered with CADAC (Canadian Arts Data/Donnees sur les arts au Canada). CADAC provides a way for arts organizations to submit financial and statistical information on a one-time yearly basis to a single data system that can be utilized by multiple funding agencies. Additionally, the system allows for statistical comparisons and trend analysis for both the funding agency and the applicant. 

For more information on the registration process with the CADAC system, please follow the Guide to Registering with CADAC. 

Download the CADAC Help Guide:


New applicants to the program that self-identify as being professional arts organizations should first check with Stephen Williams, Grants Director at swilliams@edmontonarts.ca or 780-424-2787 ext. 225 to determine whether they are eligible to apply to the Professional stream of this program.  For the purposes of this program, professional organizations are considered to have the following general characteristics: 

a.Pay the majority of their artists at professional fee standards (or close thereto).

b.Have at least one paid administrative staff (even if this person is part-time, seasonal, or contracted).

c.If a presenting organization, have a budget over $100,000 and have both items a. and b. above in place.

d.If an emerging arts organization, have begun to pay professional fees and has item b. in place.

e.If a Provincial Arts Service Organization (PASO), has a budget over $100,000 and has item b. in place.

Exceptions to the above are professional non-profit publishers since CADAC is not yet able to process this type of organization.  Publishers should continue to apply to the Community stream.

Download the Professional stream guidelines:

Download PDF

Download the Community stream guidelines: 

Download PDF

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For optimal compatibility when saving grant applications with fillable form fields,  please use Adober Reader v10 or higher. To save your form, please select 'Save As' from the file menu and save the form to your computer.

If you have any questions, please contact EAC grants staff

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