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Organizational Support Grant

Applications are accepted on an on-going basis


The Organizational Support Grant is intended for organizations currently experiencing a challenge that may require additional resources and expertise. The program will support the cost of hiring a consultant or specialist to develop a plan to address the issue or need of the organization. Funding is not intended to support implementation. 

Applicants are advised against signing contracts or making any financial commitments prior to receipt of grant notification. Commitments made by the applicant before grant approval and approved start date of the project are the responsibility of the applicant.

Apply using our online system eacawards.fluidreview.com



  • The Applicant must be a registered non-profit organization that has been registered as a non-profit organization for at least one year.

  • The Applicant’s activities must primarily fall within the arts and festival category and take place within the corporate limits of the City of Edmonton.

  • Grants are not intended to support organizations that are primarily training or educational institutions.

  • Grants are not intended to support ongoing operations or the implementation of consultant recommendations.

  • Projects are expected to begin within 30 days approval.

  • Consultants must not have an existing or previous (within the past two years) formal relationship with the applicant. This includes being an employee or board member of the applicant.

Level of Support

The maximum Organizational Support Grant will not normally exceed $3,500 AND will not normally exceed one Organizational Support Grant per fiscal year. The Edmonton Arts Council will be responsible for paying approved invoices related to the project upon receipt of a report from the applicant. 

Application Process

There is no set application deadline for an Operational Support Grant.

Apply using our online system eacawards.fluidreview.com

If you have any questions, concerns, or are experiencing problems with the online grant application system, please contact EAC Grants Staff or call 780-424-2787.


Applications will be evaluated on the following:

  • Clarity of objectives as described in the project proposal.

  • The extent to which the organization demonstrates need for an Operational Support Grant.

  • The extent to which the proposed consultant’s expertise is seen to fit the organization’s needs.


The recipient of a grant from this program must submit a final report verifying that the project took place. The confidential nature of the consultation will be respected and a report from the consultant will not be required.

For more information, please contact EAC grants staff.

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