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Organization Transitions Support


The purpose of Organization Transitions Support is to aid organizations so that mergers and closures are honourable and respectful for all involved.


 The Edmonton Arts Council's work is guided by Connections & Exchanges: A 10-Year Plan To Transform Arts and Heritage In Edmonton. This includes an action to provide change capital to cultural organizations to retool and reorganize to meet the needs of a rapidly changing city.

Invent and Adapt is the suite of tools, resources, and investments that the EAC is developing to deliver that change capital, to enable innovation around organizational structures, governance, and business models.

The Organization Transitions Support program is one part of Invent and Adapt investments in organizations.

Who can apply?

Organizations with a mandate to deliver or support arts and festival programming, that are also facing a closure or amalgamation, may be considered.

A written application will be formally accepted only after a conversation between the organization's leadership and the Edmonton Arts Council.

Level of Support

This program stream within Invent and Adapt may support costs and activities such as:

  • Specialized legal or financial support in developing, documenting, and executing a comprehensive plan for the transition.
  • Some portion of outstanding obligations, particularly when they relate to the financial resiliency of Edmonton artists and specialty arts workers.
  • Preserving an organization's legacy and contributing to the collective community memory of its contributions.

Organizations should contact the EAC in advance to discuss questions of eligibility. Contact EAC Grants staff at grants@edmontonarts.ca / 780.424.2787.

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