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Operating Investments for Arts and Festival Organizations


Since the adoption of the Connections & Exchanges plan, the Edmonton Arts Council has been working to reimagine our support of arts and festival organizations. The input we've received from the arts and festival community over the past six months has been valuable, and it has informed the development of new structures for 2022 and beyond.

We are pleased to share that the revised program design and structure for the operating program is now in final draft form.

This program redesign represents a significant change in how the EAC relates with organizations. We are moving away from narrative grant writing, and towards a more engagement-based understanding of the work an organization does, and its role within the community. Whenever possible, engagement will be approached so that the EAC and the community can connect, develop, share, and otherwise build capacity and resilience in the sector.

Within this new program structure, there will be two types of operating investments:

  1. Annual Operating investments that offer a degree of flexibility. Investment levels may change based on yearly renewal, review, and decision cycles. This allows the EAC to respond to growth and other organizational change on a relatively timely basis. 

  2. Multi-Year Operating investments that are less flexible, based on longer term commitments to organizations that have stable operating models and capacities.   

In preparation for that transition, you can review the DRAFT program document here:

There are also two short videos that touch on the new operating investments for organizations. You can find links to the videos below:

Presentation Five: https://youtu.be/xjPFbCG_acg
Presentation Six: https://youtu.be/BVRLnBUNMHs

After reviewing the draft guidelines, we invite you to participate in an online survey and to participate in a virtual conversation with our facilitator Sandra Johnson from Johnson Research later in September.

Take the online survey HERE. 

This is the last round of feedback input, which will directly inform the final program design and documentation early in October. Once approved by the EAC Board, the guidelines will be published for December deadlines.

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