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Operating Investments

Deadline: 11:59 PM on December 1, 2022 

Organizations may be considered for annual or renewable support from either an Operating Investment or an Annual Programming Grant. The Annual Programming Grant program guidelines are available here.

Operating Investments help organizations fulfill their arts and festival mandates and assist with costs related to the activities of non-profit organizations in pursuit of their mandates and objectives, including general administration and governance. By supporting the capacity of organizations with arts and festival mandates, we invest in the innovation and resilience of the arts and festival ecology as a whole.

Investments by the Edmonton Arts Council are guided by an understanding of the organization's place in the arts ecosystem, its strengths and challenges, and the impact of its work on artists, artforms, audiences, and communities. Our understanding of arts and festival organizations comes from engagement and relationships, rather than any one application, evaluation, or any other stand-alone information gathering process.


Annual Operating Investments have a degree of flexibility. Investment levels may change based on yearly renewal, review and decision cycles. This allows the EAC to respond to growth and other organizational changes in a timely manner.  
Multi-Year Operating Investments are based on long term commitments in support of financial and artistic planning for organizations with stable operating models.

- Payments follow a series of engagement and reporting expectations.
- Investment levels will be committed for a period of up to three years.
- Changes in investment levels normally only occur between commitments.



In keeping with City of Edmonton policy C211H (2017), organizations will not normally receive an operating grant that represents more than 25% of their expenditures from the prior year. This does not suggest that 25% is a target amount. Due to disruptions in activity caused by the pandemic, for applicants who have received grants from the EAC in the past, their most recent funding history will help establish funding levels for 2022.


To be eligible to request and receive operating investments of any duration, an applicant must:

  • Be a registered, non-profit organization that has arts and/or festival mandates and objectives.

    • Mandates can relate to artistic creation, production, presentation, the support of sectors or artistic disciplines in the Edmonton arts community, promote active participation in art making, and/or other objectives and actions that enable innovation and build resilience in the arts and festival sector.
  • Have a significant portion of its activities occurring within the City of Edmonton for the benefit of Edmontonians.
  • Have a record of activity that shows ongoing pursuit of arts and festival mandates.
  • Conduct their activities on a regular, recurring basis.
  • Maintain their organizational profile in the EAC online portal (eac.smartsimple.ca).

Organizations ineligible for operating investment may be eligible for other EAC programs such as projects or programming grants.


The operating investment process is managed through information exchanged through the EAC's online portal (eac.smartsimple.ca). Organizations intending to apply to EAC funding must have an account and complete their Organization Profile. Information about the new Organization Profile, include tips on filling it out, can be found here. Step-by-step instructions for completing your registration are available here.

For any technical support needs, contact the EAC by emailing support@edmontonarts.ca or by phone 780-424-2787.

Annual operating processes will have a deadline for submission that will be open to organizations registered in the EAC's online portal.

Multi-year operating processes will follow engagement, discussion, and shared agreement between the organization and the EAC.

Deadlines will be publicized at least 60 days in advance and materials must be submitted no later than 11:59 pm on the deadline date.


Finace & Statistical Form Example


Financian and Statistical Form


Funding for Organizations Info Session

To help address any questions about the new set of funding opportunities for not-for-profit organizations in Edmonton offering arts and festival programming, the EAC hosted an information session. During this quick information session, EAC staff walked attendees through the mechanics of the application process, and provided some background and context for the new programs.

Watch a recording of the information session here.


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