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Arts Grants for Individuals and Collectives – Fall 2020

Deadlines: 11:59 PM MDT on September 15, 2020

Individual artists and their work are the foundation of our arts community. Working alone or in groups they pursue work that develops their practice, advances creative thought, contributes to an art form and provides our community with a reflection of itself. Through Connections & Exchanges: A Ten-Year Plan To Transform Arts & Heritage in Edmonton, the Edmonton Arts Council has committed to supporting a wide range of art forms and practices to foster experimentation, creative collaborations with community and public presentations, as well as activities to advance individual skills, including mentorships and professional development.

Arts Grants for Individuals and Collectives 2020 has three distinct streams, each with its own evaluation criteria and assessment process. Artists may only submit to one stream, and eligibility to apply to certain streams will be limited if the artist has been previously supported by the EAC in 2020.

Stream 1: Exploration and Experimentation
To support an artist to work on current solo creation, experimentation or research activities. Grant amounts are fixed at $5,000 to support subsistence while the artist takes the time to work.

Stream 2: Skills and Career Development
To support professional development and mentorship-based projects for artists and arts professionals. Projects may be solo or collective, and grants are available up to $10,000 based on actual or projected project expenses, including artist subsistence.

Stream 3: Major Artist-driven Projects
To support artist-initiated projects, including production/presentation that is clearly considered in light of public health advice and restrictions. Projects may be solo or collective, and grants will be available up to $25,000 based on projected project expenses, including artist subsistence.


Level of Support

Approximately $750,000 will be allocated in total to the three streams in this program.

Grants in Stream 1: Exploration and Experimentation are fixed at $5,000
Applicants to Stream 2: Skills and Career Development may request up to $10,000
Applicants to Stream 3: Major Artist-Driven Projects may request up to $25,000  

please use the following link: eacawards.fluidreview.com

Download the Guidelines

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Budget Template

A budget template is provided here for your use. Use of this template is optional. The template can be downloaded and edited to suit your needs. The specific expense and revenue fields included in the template may or may not be relevant to your project. Please add and delete fields as needed. Use budget notes to provide any explanatory comments. The "projected" column is for expenses and revenues known or estimated at the time of application. The "actual" column will be used by successful applicants when completing final reports. Please be in touch with the EAC grant staff if you have any questions about this budget template form.  

Budget Template: Stream 2 – Skills and Career Development
Budget Template: Stream 3 – Major Artist-Driven Projects

* No budget is required for Stream 1

Grant-writing tips

Click here to download a tip-sheet that covers grant-writing tips, program guidelines and assessment criteria for this grant program.

Click here for answers to frequently asked questions about EAC grants, including eligibility, the EAC definition of professional artist, how grants are assessed and more.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact EAC grants staff.

Online applications open a month before the deadline at eacawards.fluidreview.com

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