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The following grant programs are designed to support individual artists. All grants are allocated based on recommendations from peer juries who provide their valuable expertise on a volunteer basis. 

Online applications open one (1) month before the deadline


Postponed until further notice

CIP Travel Grant

Travel grants are intended to assist an applicant to pay travel project costs from Edmonton to a destination for the purposes of training, development, presentation or marketing in the arts or festivals.

April 28

Creators' Reserve

The Creators' Reserve program allows Edmonton artists to invest their time in the exploration of an idea or the research and development of content and/or the creation of new artistic work or the substantive revision of a work-in-progress.

Postponed until further notice

Community Arts Program 

The EAC is postponing the Community Arts Program until further notice. The program's principles of collaboration between artists and community cannot be met at this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The EAC is actively monitoring public health instructions and will make the appropriate adjustments to future program deadlines to benefit individual artists.

Deadline TBC – Program under review

CIP Artist Project Grants

Artist Project Grants are intended to support the activities of professional Edmonton artists for a specific time towards a specific project. Projects can be individual or collective and could include creation, research, development, curation, exhibition or production of work in any art form, as well as development projects.

September 1

The Edmonton Artists' Trust Fund (EATF)

The Edmonton Artists’ Trust Fund (EATF) is a joint partnership of the Edmonton Arts Council and the Edmonton Community Foundation. The EATF is designed to invest in Edmonton’s creative community and to encourage artists to stay in our community. The funds are intended to offset living and working expenses, allowing the artist to devote a concentrated period of time to his/her artistic activities, career enhancement and/or development.

Deadline TBC – Program under review

Cultural Diversity in the Arts Project Grant

The City of Edmonton through the Edmonton Arts Council has established the Cultural Diversity in the Arts Program in recognition that artists from all parts of the world enrich Edmonton’s cultural scene. Grants will support the activities of individual, Edmonton artists for a specific time towards a specific project. Projects can be individual or collective and could include creation of work in any art form. Professional development and mentorship projects are encouraged.

The grants will be given up to a maximum of $15,000 and in the case when an artist wishes to apply but faces language barriers that make a written application impossible, the artist may, at the discretion of the EAC submit a 5-minute video narrative instead of written material. 


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